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There are only a few women I admire profoundly and hold in my heart with utmost regard and love. Eve Ensler, founder of V-Day and playright who wrote The Vagina Monologues, is one of them.

My adoration for Eve came about instantaneously after going to a V-Day workshop in 2003, where I watched her interact with young women, empowering and enlightening them with such a pure authenticity and shining beauty. V-Day is still very near and dear to me, it consumed my life in 2002 and helped me grow in many ways.

Now Eve Ensler will be featured soon on Integral Naked some time in the next few months.
Who Is Eve Ensler - Bio on Integral Naked
Very cool.

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I now officially LIVE in the Troy Office. Yeah... I was there from 10 to 3 basically. The secretaries all know me by name now. I also went down to the third floor and refused to leave until I got what I wanted. I said that I would stay there and start reading the Vagina Monologues *out loud* until I got an appointment with both Eddie Knowles and Bud Peterson, because I don't give a squat about them having to take off a week for the Performance Plan. *grin* Nah... I was joking, but I still got what I wanted.

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I don't know if I've mentioned it before but I am 1 of the 70 winners of the Founder's Award. I've known for a while, since Audrey just doesn't know how to keep anything from me. She basically told me she and some other professors were writing a recommendation to nominate me. Elizabeth Large was even more bad at keeping it a secret. While I was at her office talking about how much I hated Earth & Sky, she *causually* asked me what extracurricular activities I was involved in, and when I proceeded to list them, she typed what I saying! Yeah, uh huh... great job trying to keep me from finding out.
On Wenesday I met with Mark Smith (Dean of Students), Lisa Trayhan (Dean of Frist Year Experience), Deborah Nazon (Dean of Institute Diversty) and Olivette Sturges (Assistant Dean of Minority Student Affairs) all at different times to talk about V-Day! I'm still surprised at how I managed to get appointments with them so quickly. I guess the chain started with Mark Smith. His secretary Roslyn is awesome. It was she that suggested I meet with Lisa and Olivette and then convinced their secreteries to schedule me for that day.
I was quite reluctant to meet Olivette since she had a strong disliking for me after I made a big stink about the Leader's Council petition outside her office. But she was impressed with my ideas, and said that she hoped that someday we could work on an issue on which we were on the same and not opposite sides of the fence. I can't believe she took notes during the meeting! Lisa sent me a follow up email and thanked me for my ideas and is also looking forward to working with me. *grin*
I've on an ego trip!
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