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an exercise in deep listening...

This was an exercise from Pauline Oliveros' Deep Listening class which I took senior year at RPI.

What would you record to represent your own soundscape?
I’ve always looked to music to represent my moods and current state of being, which probably explains my peculiar taste in music. I have a diverse and eclectic collection of music that would confuse most. If I had the talent and capabilities to write my own soundscape, there are certain sounds that immediately come to mind. One is echoing or mirroring, I like the sound of something echoing, as if it is rippling through still water like waves. This soundscape would have sounds that bring up the image of something “rippling,” and a sweet slow low bass line that is not intrusive or elusive but soothing and predictable. It would have sounds reminiscent of home punctuated by sounds that remind me of my cultural roots and heritage. It would convey an upbeat but calming mood. It would be a soundscape for and about change. I’d want to record a fusion of natural and mechanical sounds that balance each other to represent the duality of their effects in my life. My soundscape should also contain enough elements at the same time so that each time one can get lost in one aspect of the piece but still enjoy its complexity.

another capstone piece

Okay, you know those funky thing with a million metallic blunt needles in them that countour to any object when you stick it in? If you stuck your face in, and then flipped it around, there would be the shape of your face, and once you shook the thing it would dissappear and then you can do something else! What's it called?
Anyway, I think it would be so cool to make a life-sized one. Hehe. People could push themselves into it, and then walk to the other side and see an impression of themselves. But how would clear something so big? Hmm. Can't move the bloody thing and it would be a pain to manually have to push every thing back in, there's literally thousands of the metal pins. What if I put a double piece of glass. The second one, would be attached to some sort of mechanism that would push all the pins back to the base, every 5 minutes or so? Is that possible? Hmm.

where else would you hear this kinda stuff?

Part of an AIM convo I'm having with Christine as I'm critiquing her posters that she's doing for work. We're such EMACers! LOL.

pashmina: "Either way, we can help." seems to be a little low
xtine111: wha do you mean seems to be a little low?
pashmina: and i don't like how the "y" looks like it's touching the "c"
pashmina: like there seems to be more white space above the phrase rather than below
xtine111: ahhh..yes
xtine111: i didnt see that
xtine111: what if i touch c and y
xtine111: i make c and y touch
pashmina: no don't make them touch
pashmina: are they touching?
pashmina: because it looks like they are
xtine111: they're not touching right now
pashmina: could you edit the grahic a little
xtine111: in what way?
pashmina: get rid of that shrubbery weird grey thing above his knee?
xtine111: cut out whatever's coming out from his right thigh?
xtine111: hahahhahahaahhaha
pashmina: center the text
pashmina: NETWORKING only
pashmina: only etc... should be x-centered
pashmina: understand what i'm trying to say?
xtine111: not really
pashmina: old on let me see... how i can explain better
xtine111: okee
pashmina: you got the second line of text
pashmina: all on the baseline
pashmina: right?
pashmina: NETWORKING;
pashmina: then the rest, "only etc..."
pashmina: should not be on the baseline
xtine111: ahh..
pashmina: it should be in in the center of the x-height

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I don't know if I've mentioned it before but I am 1 of the 70 winners of the Founder's Award. I've known for a while, since Audrey just doesn't know how to keep anything from me. She basically told me she and some other professors were writing a recommendation to nominate me. Elizabeth Large was even more bad at keeping it a secret. While I was at her office talking about how much I hated Earth & Sky, she *causually* asked me what extracurricular activities I was involved in, and when I proceeded to list them, she typed what I saying! Yeah, uh huh... great job trying to keep me from finding out.
On Wenesday I met with Mark Smith (Dean of Students), Lisa Trayhan (Dean of Frist Year Experience), Deborah Nazon (Dean of Institute Diversty) and Olivette Sturges (Assistant Dean of Minority Student Affairs) all at different times to talk about V-Day! I'm still surprised at how I managed to get appointments with them so quickly. I guess the chain started with Mark Smith. His secretary Roslyn is awesome. It was she that suggested I meet with Lisa and Olivette and then convinced their secreteries to schedule me for that day.
I was quite reluctant to meet Olivette since she had a strong disliking for me after I made a big stink about the Leader's Council petition outside her office. But she was impressed with my ideas, and said that she hoped that someday we could work on an issue on which we were on the same and not opposite sides of the fence. I can't believe she took notes during the meeting! Lisa sent me a follow up email and thanked me for my ideas and is also looking forward to working with me. *grin*
I've on an ego trip!
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*groan* school started. welcome to monday. i need to buy books. i need to go to the bank. i need to pay my fees. i just want to stay in my room, don't want to sleep though... been awake since 7 am. ah well. i guess i should get out there...
it will be nice seeing those familiar faces. :) say hello to everyone. go visit people i've missed during break. ok time to shower.