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integral salons: what is the intent, really?

A week ago paul and dan wrote a few posts on integral salons. I'd love to see a continuation on this subject from all ye bloggers out there.. any takers? My own thoughts relate to the intent of salons in particular. Why salons, what are people seeking? Could the proclaiming of what we are looking for as salons actually limit the emergence of what could be, of what is being sought after with a craving so deep, that it has me wondering how I could even want something I've never tasted?

For the past year or so I've loosely held on to the overarching intent that we created for iNOW. And while it still rings as authentic, it doesn't point to what I am feeling. I want to convey the meaning and weight of what I am now understanding as a necessary step in radical commitment. The first thing I have to address is this word salon, which seems to imply a mere gathering of people with loose intentions that are largely (and usually) of an intellectual nature. No, this is not what I am looking for. This I can accomplish with a casual dinner party of eight at my place. And in the online sphere, it is totally tiresome to join Yet Another Yahoo! group, or social network, or forum, or other antiquated form of collaboration. I mean, hello! Welcome to blogs, RSS and the amazing usage of hyperlinks!

Okay so salons are out for me. Yes! I mean it!

And so perhaps all this talk of integral salons is besides the point. We need constellations of happenings, events, ceremonies, single chaotic puncture-points in the vast blank sheet of boredom draped over all of us...
Well see now, that's not it for me either. I mean that's certainly part of it, but not quite the big concept. If all we had were these one-time events, I feel that we would lack the intimacy of challenging each other. Every encounter between us would be a flurry of greetings and kisses in the air, with beautiful states of creativity and a smattering of small jabs here and there. There must be a deeper commitment to each other, a stretch for each of us, and an endeavor to sustain the connections between us. We grow to learn who we are chiefly through contact with others.

So what would be a word on the spectrum of commitment beyond salons? Culture? Community? I should hope it includes some form of both culture and community... What is the balance between the individual and collective behaviors? How does one allow for both freedom and security? What would be the values, norms and artifacts? And what of my generation of screenagers, how is technology all a part of this concept?

I have no answers yet, but I feel like ongoing posts like these are the first explorations of an accurate picture.

integrally aware?

A common language or vocabulary certainly has its advantages. And while I'm ever so grateful for the theory, and how much it has helped to steer common understanding, there's just something ever so slightly off about having to refer to every experience with AQALese terms. It's like IKEAfying the beauty of ones experience into a homogenous blob of smoothness and simplicty. Or turning art into a paint by numbers project. You have taken that which is moving, and have frozen it in place. I mean, is it really true that no meaningful discussion can be had without these words?

What words and phrases might serve to expand our awareness and our audience? Some may be just as pointed as the ones I criticize, while others I hope, will have the effect of only lightly touching the experience, giving it freedom to flow, and to continue moving. I haven't had the chance to give this much thought, although I'm sure the implicit terms will emerge soon enough!

A smallish list:
- post-postmodern
- becoming truly human
- the Network Age (not Information Age or New Age)
- spiritual smorgasbord (not new age spirituality) or multispirituality
- cultural interpreters
- feel into the texture or feel into the context

- Participation Age
- see different horizons

community straddler

I am a community straddler.

Sébastien Paquet's concept of "community straddling" from " Online Communities and the Future of Culture."

These people do not feel irrevocably bound to a particular community. They see themselves as multidimensional: as opposed to saying "I'm a doctor, don't expect me to teach you anything" or "I'm just a programmer, don't bug me with politics", they'll say "Well, right now I'm into this and that and that, and if you have something new to show me I just might take a plunge!"

"Community straddlers keep the air fresh in a community; they help keep it alive. They contribute to the exchange of ideas between cultures which would otherwise hear little about each other."

The community straddlers are the 'connectors' of social networks and quite possbily the hubs of innovation and value-creation.