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this year thus far...

What a strange and twisted time this year has been....
and this song has been stuck in me since the beginning. Perhaps the only thread that connects everything.
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    Aquanote - Nowhere (Crazy P's Heatwave Mix)
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[sound byte] Ottmar in Denver

A snippet of what I heard at the Ottmar Liebert & Lunanegra show in Denver.

748K 4:02
“Since this is my first voice post, some comments... I'm going for easy, non-intrusive and nondisruptive capturing. This is easiest with my little Siemens SL-55 phone. The quality reminds me of old home videos from the early 90's, so in that respect it's not so bad. Next time I buy a phone, mic quality might be a factor if I decide audio posts are worth keeping up.”

Transcribed by: pashmina