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Part of an AIM convo I'm having with Christine as I'm critiquing her posters that she's doing for work. We're such EMACers! LOL.

pashmina: "Either way, we can help." seems to be a little low
xtine111: wha do you mean seems to be a little low?
pashmina: and i don't like how the "y" looks like it's touching the "c"
pashmina: like there seems to be more white space above the phrase rather than below
xtine111: ahhh..yes
xtine111: i didnt see that
xtine111: what if i touch c and y
xtine111: i make c and y touch
pashmina: no don't make them touch
pashmina: are they touching?
pashmina: because it looks like they are
xtine111: they're not touching right now
pashmina: could you edit the grahic a little
xtine111: in what way?
pashmina: get rid of that shrubbery weird grey thing above his knee?
xtine111: cut out whatever's coming out from his right thigh?
xtine111: hahahhahahaahhaha
pashmina: center the text
pashmina: NETWORKING only
pashmina: only etc... should be x-centered
pashmina: understand what i'm trying to say?
xtine111: not really
pashmina: old on let me see... how i can explain better
xtine111: okee
pashmina: you got the second line of text
pashmina: all on the baseline
pashmina: right?
pashmina: NETWORKING;
pashmina: then the rest, "only etc..."
pashmina: should not be on the baseline
xtine111: ahh..
pashmina: it should be in in the center of the x-height



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Aug. 9th, 2002 12:36 pm (UTC)



Pashmina Lalchandani
this is pashmina