Pashmina Lalchandani (pashmina) wrote,
Pashmina Lalchandani

where else would you hear this kinda stuff?

Part of an AIM convo I'm having with Christine as I'm critiquing her posters that she's doing for work. We're such EMACers! LOL.

pashmina: "Either way, we can help." seems to be a little low
xtine111: wha do you mean seems to be a little low?
pashmina: and i don't like how the "y" looks like it's touching the "c"
pashmina: like there seems to be more white space above the phrase rather than below
xtine111: ahhh..yes
xtine111: i didnt see that
xtine111: what if i touch c and y
xtine111: i make c and y touch
pashmina: no don't make them touch
pashmina: are they touching?
pashmina: because it looks like they are
xtine111: they're not touching right now
pashmina: could you edit the grahic a little
xtine111: in what way?
pashmina: get rid of that shrubbery weird grey thing above his knee?
xtine111: cut out whatever's coming out from his right thigh?
xtine111: hahahhahahaahhaha
pashmina: center the text
pashmina: NETWORKING only
pashmina: only etc... should be x-centered
pashmina: understand what i'm trying to say?
xtine111: not really
pashmina: old on let me see... how i can explain better
xtine111: okee
pashmina: you got the second line of text
pashmina: all on the baseline
pashmina: right?
pashmina: NETWORKING;
pashmina: then the rest, "only etc..."
pashmina: should not be on the baseline
xtine111: ahh..
pashmina: it should be in in the center of the x-height
Tags: aim, emac, rpi

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