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thinking outside the box

If you were to ask others what it is about me that makes them comfortable, they will tell you it is because I don't judge anyone. Of couse I have opinions about people - I am a critic, but I don't see my opinions as an end point (which would be judging), I see them as a tool. I may be adaptable and open to lots of things, but many mistake this to imply that I can't get offended or that I can't disagree with what someone is doing. How does that happen? Have I somehow portrayed myself as a person living completely outside the box? Some insist on a fixed structure; they like to live within the boundaries of the box and while others don't have any structure, I don't really see myself as either type. Perhaps this explains the moments of oddity in my experiences with both groups. I guess I see myself in an open structure; I would build my box with hinged walls. Is there anything wrong with that?



Pashmina Lalchandani
this is pashmina