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So last night I had a few vivid type of dreams that I haven't had in a while.

In the first one, I was flying over people's heads, buildings and trees, but not just flying anywhere, I had complete control of where I was going. For some reason I was paranoid that I was going to smack into a bird or something in a tree, like a squirrel. I remember thinking that as I was flying around. I also wouldn't allow myself to get too high, and too far away from people because I was scared of perhaps getting lost? Dunno. Very strange.

The dream quickly melted away and I found myself in a revolving coffee shop very high above the ground, on the top floor of some fancy building/hotel? I remember the overstuffed cream colored sofas, one of which I was sitting in, and the plush cream carpet. This was contrasted with dark rose wood furniture, intricate tables, lamps with dim lighting. The lighting was shadowy and dim so you could enjoy the awesome view outside the glass windows of the city - New York City.
I was having coffee with complete strangers, 2 men in suits and another guy my age. At first I didn't notice anything, but as the coffee shop "revolved" I noticed that WTC was still standing. Then the guy walks over to a window, opens it, and disappears! (Isn't he suppose to fall?) As the dream develops, I realize that what I was seeing through the windows wasn't real, but a simulation of what the world would have been like had WTC not crashed. It was very very weird.
Actually, the word "weird" doesn't even begin to describe what I was seeing and experiencing in the dream... in the simulation. There was a console built into the sofa that allowed me to change the "view" outside. I could macro zoom any part of the city, any road, any building, any room, any place! It was like channel flipping. I panned an apartment building, going from one room to the next. I saw a couple fighting, a family eating dinner, a couple in bed making love, and so many other things that I can't remember! In the second half of the dream, me and the guys in suits were *in* the simulation trying to get the other guy out because he was stuck in it. The hard part was, we had to get him out without letting him know he was in a simulation.
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