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V-Day is the only thing I can think about now. I have a very big picture in my head, a vision... but there is a lot of work to make it happen. Must write down a list before my head explodes:
Join listservs.
Meet with Cameron. (MUST get her support)
Gain support of Panhel. (MUST)
Write financial proposal.
Book a big venue. (Definitely the Union.)
Assemble a production and campaign team.
Pursue funding/sponsorship.
Contact local agencies.
RSVP to workshop.
Contact performers of The Vagina Monolgues coming to Albany.
Contact Health Center and Public Safety for other events. (Self-Defense?)
Write up audition criteria and sign-up forms.
Make posters for auditions.
Hold auditions, select cast.
Make copies of the script "The Vagina Monologues."
Enquire and order t-shirts, pins, etc.
Design T-shits, pins, etc.
Make banners.
Make posters for events.
Get permission from Student Union to plaster the place.
Reserve UPAC lights and sound.
Reserve video taping equipment.
Invite President Jackson and other important people.
Invite Mayor of Troy.
Write and distribute press release.
Make and buy an ad for Polytechnic.
Determine ticket prices.
Print tickets.
Make donation boxes.
Send for Congressional V-Day cards.
Print programs.
Get advertisers for program. (Flower shops?)
Identify potential beneficiaries.
Send money.
Send follow-up report.

Those in red are done.
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