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Everytime I try to work on my portfolio or any RPI stuff, my mind just goes *blank* It's horrible, I've never been so unproductive. I think it's because I'm not stressed to get it done. When I have a deadline looming ahead, my creative juices just kick into gear for some reason... not surprising, considering I usually leave everything for the last minute.
I want to get the ball rolling on Mara's website, but I wish we could get together and brainstorm, because I just can't seem to lock down on any of the ideas floating around in my head right now. It's all loose fragments with a hazy picture in the background that only makes sense to me, but it's still beyond my grasp. (Does your reach extend your grasp? *grin* EMAC logo)
Here's set of ideas #1:
I want to make a site as such, that when people look at it, they say "that's Mara!" Right now I'm thinking minimal colors to emphasize the art - keep the focus on the colors in her paintings. I'm thinking all white, black and red. And shades of gray. I'm thinking of perhaps somehow incorporating symbolic ideas of architecture (her background) into the design of the website. Like maybe sectioned out, or even more basic - lots of vertical and horizontal lines and strips with a simple navigation format. I'm thinking paradox: cool, clean cut website juxtaposing her fluid, passionate style. The website vs. her art.
A 2nd possiblity:
Again, I want to make something that represents Mara, that IS Mara.... So I was thinking, she's always changing, with highs and lows, different facets and many complexities in her personality. So then, each page should have it's own unique quality. Different colors and styles, and perhaps music? (No, no too complicated...but maybe not?) All the pages seamlessly held togther by a navigation that can be kept simple.
I feel like I'm grasping at straws. It's easy to create a website for a company or etc, but a person... it's difficult. Especially an artist like her.


Pashmina Lalchandani
this is pashmina