Pashmina Lalchandani (pashmina) wrote,
Pashmina Lalchandani

Yesterday was interesting. I went to the Phiota BBQ with Cecelia. That was a lot of fun. =) I had fun playing Ultimate, although I am quite sore today! Then I came back just in time to go the the play with Ted and everyone else. What a STUPID play. Well the play "Chess" wasn't stupid, it was the horrible acting. The singing was just as bad, and the choreography had no life. I paid 5 dollars to see this thing! It was so bad, that most of us left during intermission.
So then we all decide to go party hopping. Of course we started way to late, around 12:30 so everything was ending or starting to end....BLAH. We went to Theta Chi, then the Pikes and then to the Butter Nipple EMAC party. I wish I had gone to the EMAC party earlier.
It was so strange when random people came up to me and said you're firestarter right? *grin* I wonder what kind of opinion people have of me in EMAC. So many people know me, or have heard OF me, and I don't know how! Feels nice to have a rep... I just hope it's good!

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