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I'm tired. I love this song. Russians know how to make music. I wonder how everyone in Seattle is doing... Kathy, everything okay over there?
I found this grocery store on 15th street that sells Indian food! I was quite happy earlier, eating my meethe parathas with yogurt. I don't understand why people can't stand plain yogurt, I'm the opposite, I can't stand eating it with all that sugary, gunky fruity stuff. Gawd, I'm a typical Sindhi... *lol* I think the shop owner is Sindhi too, but I have a feeling he's Hyderbadi, so not quite like me... But this is good, next year I'm going do a lot of cooking since I have the spices and right stuff.
March is creeping up on me.... hrm... time flies.
I have so much catching up to do it's not even funny.
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