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green bean spicy soup

This recipe was SO delish!!

1.5 pounds of local FRESH green beans chopped
2 cups of milk
1 spring onion chopped medium
3 yukon gold potatoes half boiled and quartered

3 small beets roasted at 400F in oven and peeled

2/3 tsp. black pepper
1/3 tsp. thyme
1/3 tsp. basil
1/3 tsp. cayenne red pepper
2/3 tsp. garlic powder
salt to taste

1. Steam the green beans until tender. At the same time heat up milk until scalding but not boiled
2. Puree the beans and milk together in a blender, until mostly smooth. This mixture should be rather thick, almost like a smoothie texture. Scoop into a pot and bring over a low flame.
3. In a pan, saute the onions and potatoes with ghee and salt. Cover for 5 minutes.
4. While onions/potatoes are cooking, add all spices to green bean soup.
5. Throw in onion/potatoes into the green bean soup. Cover and let simmer for 10 minutes.
6. LEAVE the beets out of the soup! Cut the beats and portion into soup bowls (serves 4).
7. Ladel the bean soup mixture on top of the beets, making sure some get potatoes and onions in there.

Amazing I tell ya! Can be enjoyed without the beets. But the beets... they give the soup this wonderful bite of sweetness. It's good.


Pashmina Lalchandani
this is pashmina


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  • pashmina
    20 Jul 2007, 17:01
    I learnt to drive automatic first, when I was 22 years old.

    I just learnt to drive manual/stick-shift last year, when I was 26.

    Totally realistic to learn it later!
  • pashmina
    15 Jun 2007, 17:36
    At Apple??? Can you work your magic and get me an iphone before the 29th? ;)

    Do me a favor and read my latest private post. I don't want to explain all over again what I'm going thru right now...
  • pashmina
    15 Jun 2007, 17:25
    To ensure I'm constantly learning. :-)

    Chicago's been good - except I still haven't fully adapted to the winters yet!

    I wrapped up my first year and am now back in the Bay Area doing a summer…
  • pashmina
    15 Jun 2007, 00:27
    what in the world for?

    how is Chicago treating you?
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