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collard greens and lentil curry

I've recently signed up for Door to Door Organics. (If you sign up, please put me in the referral field!) And I love it.

Last week's box had some collard greens. I didn't exactly want to cook it up in bacon grease. So I ended up making this which turned out super tasty!
Collard Green Lentil Curry

4 garlic pods
1 thai green chili
1/4 inch ginger
1/2 an onion
1/2 pound carrots (3 medium sized)
1 can of diced tomatoes
1 bunch collard greens
1 can of lentils

2 cloves
2 bay leaves
1/2 tsp. corriander
1/3 tsp. tumeric
1/3 tsp. cumin
1 tsp. ghee or 1.5 tblsp. olive oil

I used a food processor to cut up all the veggies into bits.

1. Heat and melt ghee in a pot.
2. Throw in minced garlic, ginger, cloves, chili, and bay leaves. Cook over low-medium heat.
3. When the garlic starts to brown, throw in chopped onion. Turn up heat to medium-high. Add a little salt. Cook until clear.
4. Throw in chopped carrots and the juice from the dice tomatoes. Throw in rest of spices, little and stir. Cover and let cook for 10 minutes.
5. The carrots should be somewhat soft. Throw in chopped collard greens and stir. Add more salt. Cook covered for 5-7 minutes.
6. Food process the diced tomatoes to finer pieces. Throw in the tomatoes. Cook covered 5 minutes. Stirring occassionally.
7. Add drained can of lentils and mix thoroughly. Cook until lentils have heated.

Taste, and add more spice and salt if necessary. Should be flavorful, ginger overtones first, tumeric/cumin mid, and that fiberous taste from the lentils and collards. At this point you can serve as is. Or take half the mixture and puree in a blender, and put it back into the pot to give it a smooth/chunky texture.

Yum! Serves 4.

Some thoughts/comments: Collard greens smell wonderful when you chop them up. They have this sweet alluring aroma. I took off some of the stems of the collard greens, and chopped only a few up so the texture wouldn't be too tough. I don't use a lot of salt in my cooking. Maybe a total of 3/4 tsp max went into the whole dish. But salt as you go. I also used organic everything. Ghee: is amazing. If you aren't already cooking with it, you should. The taste and health benefits just awesome.  You'll wonder why you ever used olive oil.

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