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I'm all smiles right now... *grin* Miss Fleming emailed back. Miss Fleming. Hrm. Seems weird to call her that, when I call Audrey and Sal by their first name. Come to think of it, Miss Fleming (can I say Andrea?) and Audrey are the same age.
It's so nice and bright outside, but that's deceiving because once you go outside you freeze from the gusting winds. The sun keeps playing hide and seek.
Mara was right... There's something in the air. Definitely. I'm very happy right now, and I can feel something changing around me. Can you feel it? *lol* Oh yes... interesting things are going to happen in the month of March. I just know it. Hahaha... I am giddy with excitement and I love it.

Hmm... Fatboy Slim rocks. Anyone want to dance? *silly grin*

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