Pashmina Lalchandani (pashmina) wrote,
Pashmina Lalchandani

dreams dreams dreams

So on new years I slipped and fell on the ice and banged my head pretty bad.  Been having strange dreams.

First dream there was a flock of wood peckers attacking me from every direction. I was breaking off their beaks as they came at me to kill them.  Second dream there were a flock of owls who were after me.  Very strange since owls don't fly in groups.  I ran to my old apartment in Taipei, the place where I grew up.  And I locked all the balcony doors. I stared at them through the beige cream bars.  They were perched on the balcony next to mine staring back.  Third dream I'm at CQG in the corner office conference room on the SW side.  However instead of being on the 22nd flloor, we're on the 2nd floor.  This gigantic rabid looking wolf dog is prowling outside looking for me.  I can see his eyes looking at me through the big windows.  And I mean this thing is huge, like 15 feet tall, larger than life.  He crashes through the windows, and I start running for my life. I'm running through the maze of cubicles and alarms are going off. People are panicking everywhere. I'm terrified. I wake up.

Now last night was a warped dream too. I can't remember all the details. Something about either my grandfather or Nami's grandfather dying. (Hmm I wonder if someone is getting married soon that I know.) And I'm also sitting at a dinner table with Kendra, this person from work I know. The dream keeps going back and forth between this dinner scene and me being harried and emotional about this grandfather who has just died. (Maybe Kendra's getting married?)  Anyhoo def weird.
Tags: animals, dreams

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