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green tea inspired tapas

All these recipes require match green tea powder. It's a very potent and flavorful green tea that is very easy to cook with. Best part, they are all so SIMPLE!

If you know how to make sushi this one requires no additional skills:
Make sushi rice as you normally would. When you get to the part of folding the rice in the vinegar sugar mixture, make one change. In your sugar vinegar mixture add 1/3 tsp of green tea per cup of uncooked rice. (E.g. if you made3 cups of rice, mix in 1 tsp of green tea.)

Also extremely easy: Mix cream cheese with green tea powder to taste.

Ingredients: chicken, sage, green tea, garlic powder, onion powder, olive oil.

Cut up chicken breasts into 1/2 inch pieces, removing all fat.
Make a mixture of equal parts of green tea powder and sage with olive oil.
(Enough olive oil to coat chicken, so about 4 tablespoons per pound of chicken or so.)

Throw the chicken pieces into a ziploc bag.
Pour oil mixture into bag, and mix and shake until evenly coated.
Throw in fridge for a couple hours for marination.
Remove and fry in wok.
While frying, add in garlic and onion powder to taste.

This chicken can be eaten hot (goes well on a bed of arugala and rice). Or can be eaten cold (room temperature).

Careful not to use too much green tea with this one, it will make it bitter.
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