October 15th, 2004



my first 'pet' ever
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Here is Sid. He's a small siamese fighting beta fish who is now my first 'pet' ever. Sid is short for Siddharth.

(I don't really look at fish as pets, but whatever.)

He was the most agressive fish out of the ones I looked at at the store. Flapping his fins at me in defense mode as soon as I picked up the cup he was swimming in.

Now he sits in a nice glass bowl on my desk.

have I got LJ block?

I definintely think I'm not giving myself enough time to process everything that is happening in my life.

I should make a more conscious effort to blog about what is going on with me instead of waiting for some 'fin' indication where it seems appropriate to sit back, relflect and write thoughts. I think my lack of taking time to process is part of my shaky development.

I've noticed that I've alway had a problem with process. Audrey would always warn me to use the structure of process when working on projects and I not only struggled with spending time on process but I did not value what it did for me. Process was always something I did after I had already created the final piece. I don't have many notes on my final papers, no sketches for my posters, no real beginnings, only final pieces.

I guess that's what's going on with my lack of entries of late. I'm processing internally but until I'm at some kind of final piece I don't know what to write about. Time to start processing actively.