July 11th, 2004


so much for keeping track...

Finished two books around 2 weeks ago... in the process of reading like 10 books at the same time now.

I finished The Elements of User Experience by Jesse James Garrett. A wonderful book on the process helping convince and ask the right questions when developing a website of any nature. Kinda reminded me of Dondis' book on Visual Literacy... It was succint and direct, with every page containing some useful information. My highest critical acclaim for his model also found on his website www.jjg.net

Then I finished Don't Make Me Think! my Steve Krug. That was a short and easy reading about web usability. While some of the stuff may be obvious, or maybe just obvious to me, I found his style to be amusing and a relflection of what really goes on in the head of the designer when it comes to designing or the politics surrounding it. His axioms are helpful for any beginners trying to rehaul horribly designed website, but doens't help with any complex solving problems of interaction which I think he maybe should have spent some time explaining.

why do we have memories?

The present is an eternal state of being.

There is no past and there is no future, there is only now. The everpresent moment which has no boundary; no beginning and no end. Can you point to a beginning of this present moment? When did this present begin? Did it ever begin? Does this present have an ending? Have you even felt an ending? No, it is undying and eternal. It exists without time, for it is truly timeless. All existence of the past or the future is a creation of our beautiful mind. The past exists as guilt and the future as worries. All problems are problems of time and problems in time.

All this I understand. Yet why the memories? This question I have been pondering for some time.

Perhaps it is because without memories, our lives would be like that of a goldfish. A goldfish cannot remember more than 30 seconds of its life. So if it is eating, it thinks it has been eating its entire life. And if it is dying, well then... that poor goldfish thinks it has been dying its entire life. So perhaps, when we are on our deathbed, we can be happy in the memories of our lives and find some satisfaction and peace.