Pashmina Lalchandani (pashmina) wrote,
Pashmina Lalchandani

ok now some bad customer service. SUCKS.
First, Expedia put 6 pending charges on my card which locked all my funds for 3 days! And the agents on the phone were saying that they couldn't see these charges, when I could see them in plain B&W on my bank account, and my bank also confirmed the pendings. Okay, so in some sense, the agent is calling me a liar, and refused to help me solve that issue.

Now aside from the whole bank mess, I still needed to purchase the ticket. And my bank had kindly added just enough funds for a couple hours so I could purchase one. When I called back, I wanted to ensure that the 7th time I ran my credit card, would not result in the same booking error I was getting, and end up locking my funds for good. I'd rather buy my ticket elsewhere, than risk funds getting locked again. The Agent and her Supervisor, were both very rude, and not at all helpful. #1 thing that pisses me off is when an Agent or Supervisor says with a rude tone: "Maam, I'm TRYING to help you." OKay, that's a bunch of BS. You're not trying to help me at all, you just think that by saying that, you are. And that's really frickin annoying. And second, don't feed me lines from a script without paying attention to the fact that they are not even appropriate to the context. Near the end of the call, the supervisor says to me, "Is there anything else Expedia can do to help you?" Well... you haven't exactly been very helpful from the get go, so in saying that to me, you again assume you've been helpful, and you're ignoring the fact that you've actually made the situation for me worse, and in the process completely wasted my time. Heck, at least you got paid to sit on the phone with me for an hour.

And just imagine, I wasted over 4 hours of my time with Expedia because I'm a loyalist, and I liked Expedia. I've used them in the past with no issues. I was giving the company every opportunity to help me purchase a ticket. And in the end, their supervisor could not even help me do that. It was made clear during our conversation, that I had no other choice than to go to Expedia's competitor.

How hard is it be on my side when you're in customer service, really? Pretend like it's your mother or friend trying to get a ticket purchased. You'd pull out all the stops; you'd actually use some part of your brain to help figure out what to do. And maybe even make some exceptions some time. Or try something new, or that's never been done before. BUT NOOOO... you've got your damn script, and you're just there to work at a job all zombie like. ICK.
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