Pashmina Lalchandani (pashmina) wrote,
Pashmina Lalchandani

The Development of the Individual and the Movement of a Community Occur Simultaneously

People (holons) collecting together pull the overall development of all persons within that collective up to where the ‘norm’ is. (Or in not so ideal cases, pulls them down.) The communal aspect of a person (a holon) is intrinsic to the evolutionary drive. It could be said that it is a determinant of the directionality of evolution itself.

If we allow for the emergence of integral in the collective, and let that grow, it would eventually become bigger than what is dominant now, and actually ‘pull’ others into integral. [‘grabs you by the neck and pulls you to that level’ KW in KC.] Both movement (or evolutionary drive), and the development of holons go hand in hand; they occur simultaneously. So if we desire to see integral succeed, (i.e. we want movement) then the people (holons) need to be given room to grow.

There is another aspect of community development that is also equally important but may be difficult to understand, which is leadership. I believe addressing leadership gets at the heart of integral organizational development. (Unlike the crap presented at IOL by applying the quadrants to (non-existent) social holons.)

There are three aspects to organizational or community development. The individual holons, the container for the collection of holons, and the leadership. All three have an influence on how the organization develops. The individual holons need to be developed individually (ILP), the container needs to be healthy (good systems/processes, adequate functions, etc.), and the leaders need tools to help along the other two.

There are persons (holons) that are (or either naturally become) the ‘hubs’ or leaders of their community. These people must be given attention, and an extra set of tools to navigate new terrain as movement occurs. Perhaps we can also determine the hubs and nodes of the community by looking at the relationships between the holons and plotting those. The individuals that have not only the most number of connection, but also the most influential connections are the hubs.
Tags: community, development, evolution, holons, i-inf, integral, leadership, movement, organization

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