Pashmina Lalchandani (pashmina) wrote,
Pashmina Lalchandani

heart attack man crazy after cookies

We have the largest kitchen in the universe. Like just the refridgerator spans one whole wall; it's made of steel and has 4 seprate doors. The cooks have been baking up a storm of delights from custard pie to cookies. I head out of the kitchen after the smell of sWEETNESS starts to make me nauseas. [Interesting! Smell in dreams!]

Everyone in the house is a stranger to me. There's an older, smart looking women and this loud boisterous man who laughs heartily about this or that, pretty much anything. He is obsessed with the cookies. He's a connoisseur of them, and is very overweight because of his indulgence. Next thing I know, the man faints and falls to the floor. It appears that he's having a heart attack!

The woman and I try to lift him, and he is so heavy. Panting and wheezing, we get him down 4 flights of stairs of the big house, and into a wheel chair. And now were racing outside in these rolling hills that remind me of the scene from the Sound of Music. Running to the nearest hospital, I am pushing the man in the wheel chair, which is rickety and making noises like a grocery store shopping cart. Something happens to the woman on the way there. I don't know what, but I was running ahead and suddenly I hear a sound like "THOCK!" and catch a glimpse of her falling backwards to the ground. I stay focused and keep moving, I must get this man to a hospital!

It's the next morning now, and now the man and I are sitting in a doctors office. The man looks well. But the weird thing is, the doctor tells us that he'll need a new heart, and they had to take his out and throw it away. (Alright I know I'm dreaming. How can a man with no heart be sitting lucidly in the room with me?) So how much will a new heart cost and where can we get one, the man asks the doctor. He tells us that they sell hearts for about $5.00 at the market right outside the hospital. I imagine hearts on racks akin to a meat market setting. Five dollars??? So we get him a new heart and the doctor tells him to stop eating sweets!

Now we're back at the house a couple days later. We are throwing away the massive amount of sweets and food from the kitchen. The man is wild, he runs after the trash, and starts devouring more cookies! dream ends...
Tags: dreams

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