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an exercise in deep listening...

This was an exercise from Pauline Oliveros' Deep Listening class which I took senior year at RPI.

What would you record to represent your own soundscape?
I’ve always looked to music to represent my moods and current state of being, which probably explains my peculiar taste in music. I have a diverse and eclectic collection of music that would confuse most. If I had the talent and capabilities to write my own soundscape, there are certain sounds that immediately come to mind. One is echoing or mirroring, I like the sound of something echoing, as if it is rippling through still water like waves. This soundscape would have sounds that bring up the image of something “rippling,” and a sweet slow low bass line that is not intrusive or elusive but soothing and predictable. It would have sounds reminiscent of home punctuated by sounds that remind me of my cultural roots and heritage. It would convey an upbeat but calming mood. It would be a soundscape for and about change. I’d want to record a fusion of natural and mechanical sounds that balance each other to represent the duality of their effects in my life. My soundscape should also contain enough elements at the same time so that each time one can get lost in one aspect of the piece but still enjoy its complexity.
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