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A week ago paul and dan wrote a few posts on integral salons. I'd love to see a continuation on this subject from all ye bloggers out there.. any takers? My own thoughts relate to the intent of salons in particular. Why salons, what are people seeking? Could the proclaiming of what we are looking for as salons actually limit the emergence of what could be, of what is being sought after with a craving so deep, that it has me wondering how I could even want something I've never tasted?

For the past year or so I've loosely held on to the overarching intent that we created for iNOW. And while it still rings as authentic, it doesn't point to what I am feeling. I want to convey the meaning and weight of what I am now understanding as a necessary step in radical commitment. The first thing I have to address is this word salon, which seems to imply a mere gathering of people with loose intentions that are largely (and usually) of an intellectual nature. No, this is not what I am looking for. This I can accomplish with a casual dinner party of eight at my place. And in the online sphere, it is totally tiresome to join Yet Another Yahoo! group, or social network, or forum, or other antiquated form of collaboration. I mean, hello! Welcome to blogs, RSS and the amazing usage of hyperlinks!

Okay so salons are out for me. Yes! I mean it!

And so perhaps all this talk of integral salons is besides the point. We need constellations of happenings, events, ceremonies, single chaotic puncture-points in the vast blank sheet of boredom draped over all of us...
Well see now, that's not it for me either. I mean that's certainly part of it, but not quite the big concept. If all we had were these one-time events, I feel that we would lack the intimacy of challenging each other. Every encounter between us would be a flurry of greetings and kisses in the air, with beautiful states of creativity and a smattering of small jabs here and there. There must be a deeper commitment to each other, a stretch for each of us, and an endeavor to sustain the connections between us. We grow to learn who we are chiefly through contact with others.

So what would be a word on the spectrum of commitment beyond salons? Culture? Community? I should hope it includes some form of both culture and community... What is the balance between the individual and collective behaviors? How does one allow for both freedom and security? What would be the values, norms and artifacts? And what of my generation of screenagers, how is technology all a part of this concept?

I have no answers yet, but I feel like ongoing posts like these are the first explorations of an accurate picture.


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Oct. 13th, 2005 03:12 am (UTC)
Polyamorous Commune!

Is this where you're heading with the above?

But seriously, true community (e.g., Peck's stage 4) is rare, and honored more in the idealized breach than any true observance.

Keep pushing for it!

Adam (yes, Hansen)
Oct. 13th, 2005 03:29 am (UTC)
Re: Polyamorous Commune!
Lol, hope the commune was joke! ;)

Organizing around shared resources and obligations would err on the side of the social and security...
Oct. 14th, 2005 11:59 am (UTC)
Integral salons in isolation?
Hi Pashmina,

I've been running a salon - the London Integral Circle - for something like 5 years. It certainly has its up and downs, but generally it's very rewardiing and a great at promoting growth.

It would be so good to hear more about what other salons are up to, to learn from their successes... and failures, to copy discussion/workshop formats, topics, that are fun and work well. (Have you heard of anything that has worked really well for a salon?)

Somehow nothing has ever been set up to enable this. I thought the Integral Institute's Integral Next off-shoot would do this, but it didn't really in the end. Last I heard it had folded into something else - there's been no official announcement. I guess it's not really on the Integral Institute priority list, with so much IU work at the moment...

Clint told me that the (flagship) Boulder salon was planning to produce some helpful (multimedia?) materials to help salons - but I don't think this ever happened, and now even its IN-town website has disappeared. No idea if the salon itself is still going (I've tried to contact James Wagner to ask - though his II e-mail bounced back).

A little bit of nourishment and assistance (from the centre, Boulder?) would really help all the salons round the world I would think. Help grow a movement, an emerging culture. It sure beats soldiering on alone, even if it's nice to be a 'crucible of a new consciousness struggling to be born', or whatever it was exactly that Ken called the integral salons.



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