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why "creative" made-up practice is maddening to me

You're too caught up in your comfort zone to seek a truly authentic experience, and content at just scratching the surface. It's that stake, that claim to knowing or having expertise in, that I push and react against.

Would you call yourself a wine enthusiast, if all you've had is boxed wine? Would you call yourself a coffee connoisseur, because you go to Starbucks everyday? Would you claim to love and know sushi, when all you've tried is California rolls? Who knows, maybe the eel would turn you off. :) Or put it this way, how would you feel if a person says he's a coach (of any kind, sports, career, life), when he has NO experience or certification to speak of? What would your impulse/reaction be?

Even in their ignorance, this person lacks depth, for what they claim, and are doing smacks of ego. More so, they are bringing down those who truly represent that depth, whether it is a true connoisseur or a professional certified coach. They are flattening the experience, smashing the intricacies of beauty and profundity, and this... I have no tolerance for.

And god forbid someone I know go for these kinds of simplified experiences intentionally, especially when it comes to practice and spirituality. For now you are tossing aside all quality and authenticity of experience; taking that which is, and conforming it to make it palatable to your taste, or comfortable for your ego. I will be the challenger here again, for this is not the edge that I know you are capable of. You are gypping yourself, and I will not watch!
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