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Pashmina Lalchandani

integrally aware?

A common language or vocabulary certainly has its advantages. And while I'm ever so grateful for the theory, and how much it has helped to steer common understanding, there's just something ever so slightly off about having to refer to every experience with AQALese terms. It's like IKEAfying the beauty of ones experience into a homogenous blob of smoothness and simplicty. Or turning art into a paint by numbers project. You have taken that which is moving, and have frozen it in place. I mean, is it really true that no meaningful discussion can be had without these words?

What words and phrases might serve to expand our awareness and our audience? Some may be just as pointed as the ones I criticize, while others I hope, will have the effect of only lightly touching the experience, giving it freedom to flow, and to continue moving. I haven't had the chance to give this much thought, although I'm sure the implicit terms will emerge soon enough!

A smallish list:
- post-postmodern
- becoming truly human
- the Network Age (not Information Age or New Age)
- spiritual smorgasbord (not new age spirituality) or multispirituality
- cultural interpreters
- feel into the texture or feel into the context

- Participation Age
- see different horizons
Tags: aqal, aqalese, context, inow, integral, integral awareness, integral culture, keywords, multispirituality, network age, post postmodern, post postmodernism, spiritual smorgasboard, texture

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