Pashmina Lalchandani (pashmina) wrote,
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change this!

a quote from one of the latest manifestos on Change This!

"A billion (or so) Chinese knock at (pound on) our door. A foreign-owned factory is opened in China every … 26 minutes! A foreign-owned R&D laboratory is opened in China every … 43 hours! The Chinese are making baseball hats … and luxury yachts … and discovering the new drugs that will save our lives … while also, certainly, making this the Opening Gong of the “Asian Century. Keep moving West. Some 70 companies have achieved the highest quality certification in software design, according to the gold-standard measure provided by the Carnegie Mellon Software Institute. Thirty-five of those companies come from … India! Those of us who are not Indian or Chinese—and, to be sure, the Indians and Chinese themselves—are scrambling. Trying … almost desperately … to find New Bases for Adding Value, separating oneself from the herd-horde. And more’s to come. Each day, it seems, brings headlines like this one from the McKinsey Quarterly: “Asia’s Next Export: Innovation.”* (*Go to your closest Borders or B&N … betcha can’t find a single book on how to run an R&D Lab. Does that seem as odd to you as it does to me?)”

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