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what a strange dream

I can't remember the order of things...

We're at the dreams office, and I am saying how powerful the Undergrad Council could be if someone took it on because you go to all Board of Trustee meetings, and you are one of only two students who are allowed. Next thing I know I am at a board meeting, and there are two others with me, we have one corner of the table, where we are eating lunch. We are dancing around a discussion on levels using Spiral Dynamics, providing signifiers to some of the trustee members for the experiences they are recounting. Dr. Jackson and Cynthia McIntyre are sitting to my left. I suddenly think of Mark Palmer, and how he and Cynthia could get it on.

Then I see a furry gray chewbacca like character, running wildly to find Christina. I'm not the chewbacca, I'm just a 3rd person perspective in my dream now. All thoughts, like watching a movie. The chewbacca guy runs to a x-men style school where there are other movie characters - like him. Stopping to look at different characters, by a fountain and near the grass. Then he turns to go up the stairs, and coming down in the opposite direction is the wicked witch of the west. She is so old now, her face wrinkly, she looks like a librarian or something. We round the corner to a see a spider character in a glass case, who I could not help but to irritate. I bat at the glass, shaking it around, the spider tries to spit venom, and it hits the glass, a big gooey black splat. I laugh and shake the glass even more, infuriating it until the spider's eyes bulge.

Now I am standing in the scene, and I see Christina. She's the only normal not-from-a-movie person there. I grab her attention. I am really scared about Christina's pregnancy and am convinced that going to a particular sushi place will ruin her health and create complications in pregnancy. Like she will get food poisoning and it will hurt her. She tells me she will go to Hiromi's instead. "Don't eat the sushi!" I cry.


Pashmina Lalchandani
this is pashmina