Pashmina Lalchandani (pashmina) wrote,
Pashmina Lalchandani

Today is February 17, 2000. It is 2:55 AM Eastern Standard Time. I wish to address the dreams and precognitive thoughts I have been having since December about Granny. I hate this, but I’m beginning to see and understand more and more and things related to Granny’s death seem to pop out of nowhere at odd times and odd places. I must write it down somewhere… There are a few things I know, simply know beyond a doubt, and then there are the blurry intuitive I think’s. I know this: Granny will not die until someone in the Taipei community dies. This person has to be someone everyone knows, someone perhaps in the Indian community. It’s taken me more than a month to come to terms with this… I still find it unbelievable because I know of no one who has died in Taipei. I know that Granny will see Resham before she dies, and that Resham will be there. I’m not sure about Neelam, but I think Granny will see Neelam and Bob, which is leading me to presume that it won’t happen until June/July, but in my heart I know it’s going to be sooner. I know Granny will not die during the wedding. I know she will die at night, and that she will die on a full moon or soon after one. Arshia… she will be around, she’s talking non-stop, actual conversations! I think something is going to happen with kidney failure, don’t know what. Everything will happen very fast… too fast. I also keep getting a picture of Arshia being around when Granny passes away, like she finds her first, or walks in on something bad without realizing what she is seeing. Everything gets more blurry from here… I keep feeling that there has to be a third thing besides someone dying and Arshia talking… something to do with jobs. I think Neelam may lose her job, but she won’t, or will she? Something job related, but what!? I also keep seeing the number 10, but I doubt it has anything to do with the month October, because it happens much sooner.

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