Pashmina Lalchandani (pashmina) wrote,
Pashmina Lalchandani

Jo jeene ki kuch sawal pooche, oose kya pathaa? Jo eki seva kuch aur nai dikhayi deve, oose kya pathaa?

"I will always take the position and perspective of your opposite." says the Relative to the Absolute. Says the Fireworks to the Sky.

The Absolute Sky flinches, suddenly finding that he feels Particulars overwhelming the spaciousness that he IS. And he relaxes, in the understanding, not of that tightness, but in that he feels -- Generally. What could this possibly mean for the Absolute to rest in the relative of a reaction, even if in the absolute sense, he IS unequivocal ego-less (anattá) equanimity?

The Relative Fireworks, electrically imbued with any such feeling, is awashed by the density of ALL of the Absolute's myriad multiple reactions, and in turn she becomes bigger and louder and brighter, filled with the magnitude of the pain that only the Absolute can hold, although only One she can bear. And Each aspect of this experession is understood by both, in such a way that feels both full and empty.

Oh! What a paradoxical loop, one feeding the other, and in this process, getting futher and further away from each other. A polarity. A duality. A vast continuum between them. The quiet Absolute is further removed and slipping into the Abstract as the shrieking Relative is further involved and grasping at Specifics. One thinks, "What a wonderful play (or show)," and the other, "What a wonderful play (of form). Now then, I wonder, who thinks what?
Tags: absolute, ilp, practice, relative, story

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