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So Tuesday night was interesting... I was at Mara's place until about 4 am. It was very nice. Comfortable. I haven't felt comfortable in a long time. I think I finally understand why some people feel more comfortable with a few people, than when they're in a big group. Well anyway, back to Mara. *small smile* What can I say about her? Only a few people I know are the way she is, and it is so hard to describe. Mara is just Mara... I know her, I think I understand her but she confuses me sometimes, even though I don't think she knows it. She's very important to me, and I wish I had told her this that night.
While I was there she painted this piece for a class, I guess this can represent some aspect of her. A tiny fraction...


Pashmina Lalchandani
this is pashmina