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informa: increase your cultural capital

Originally uploaded by Jay Michael.
So Jay's been passing out these informa for some time now, and the concept behind this project has an infinite number of future possibilities, tie ins with other happenings and creative inferred meanings. (Try understanding that one!) "Informa is the knowledge that informs your personal identity," unlike the Flatland sea of non-contextualized information which can overwhelm with meaninglessness and waste time. The format is the size and feel of a regular business card, the informa logo in the front (as shown) although there are variations in the colors used for the architectural shape and background. See other pictures posted. During conversations, interactions between people, an informa card can be pulled out, and informa is written on the back and then given to the other party with permission.

Would you like some informa? Donate some money and I'll try to get some informa cards to you soon.

And if you're one of the lucky early adopters of informa and see some value in it, I would encourage you to blog about it too. (Bloggers unite!) Let's get some attention for this meme shall we? Perhaps even a wiki coming soon?
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