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How to Be a Rainmaker - Jeffery Fox
Eh, it was an okay book, some nuggets of simple suggestions put together as a book. Very simply, money is rain, and do whatever you can to make it rain. Without customers there is no rain, so if you want to be a rainmaker, you focus on the customer. Blah blah blah.

Art of a Start - Guy Kawasaki
Really nicely done, especially the introduction. He convincingly breaks the most common assumption and gives great ideas and creative exercises to encourage new ways of thinking. Not a HOW-TO book, but definiitely something to help you with the psychological problems of getting over that uncertainty hump. I liked his honest style.

Concepting - Jan Rijikenberg
This book is on the frothy edge of communication and branding theory. A little grandiose in its presentation, but as is expected, since the author is describing a whole paradigm shift, breaking down communication into its more abstract forms. What is the root of a brand? A concept. An experience. The best part of this entire book comes on the last chapter and last page where it describes the evolution of entrepreneurship from the physical (product oriented) to the mental (communication oriented).
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