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Symmetry Mathematics: Let us ignore ordinary mathematics for a moment. And reverse what we know about infinity and zero. So now 0 represents everything. 0 is the sum of all numbers. And nothing is not definable. A way to look at it mathematically would be:

(-1+1) + (-2+2) + (-3+3) ... = 0 + 0 + 0

What would be used to represent nothing in this system? It would be as impossible to define nothing as it is to define infinity in our current system. So in this system, infinity is defined as “0” and nothing cannot be defined. Why did we choose to define “nothing” and not “everything?” The possibility of infinity and nothing is either/or. Of course, it’s not either or in contemplation, but it is either/or when you want to define it. (Ah, such is duality.)

Let’s say I tell you to go to the edge of "everything" (let's call it the universe for simplicity). And you get to the very very edge of the universe where there is supposedly nothing. I can still throw an arrow out there at the edge, so then how is there nothing? (The arrow is still something.) In order for both to exist (everything and nothing) that implies a beginning or ending but in reality there is no edge, no beginning, no ending because "nothing" is not possible. The Vedas have been trying to explain this concept for thousands of years: that everything IS nothing and nothing is everything.

Symmetry Used to Explain Existence:
There has never been such a thing as non-existence. There is no such condition to support the concept of any non something in time, so non-existence could not be possible for any moment no matter how infinitely small. It is also impossible that all existence ends in the future, because, to put it simply, BEING HAS NO ALTERNATIVE. I believe this is fundamentally why we exist. We question the meaning and why of existence, when it is actually not something so unimaginable and unlikely as it may seem to us. Existence is inevitable; it is most basic the foundation for reality. (i.e. You questioning existence comes from existence.)

So now the principle of cause/effect or opposites cannot hold true for the meaning of existence. Existence is not a formula, or an equation or the “first cause.” It did (actually does) not create the universe. It is simply a mental recognition (an Aha!) about nature. Quite enlightening when realized as it dissolves our stupid expectation that the universe *somehow* began in the past. (We created the idea of time, anyway.) Suddenly in knowing this, the notion disappears that there is some alternative to a universe being here.

So you exist, simply because you just do. Confused, yet?
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