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Is it possible that even after a synthesis others can mistake it for just a perspective within a per

It's been over a week of non stop vivid lucid dreaming.

Last night's felt very long and intense, perhaps a metaphor for IU. Ka and I were in an office building with some other people too. J, C, R, M were there too. We had come into some kind of alignment about how we would steer IU. C, J, R, M left first to go meet with K. Ka and I used the elevator, and I pressed for the basement. the elevator did not take us to the right floor. I had a sense of urgency and felt that we would not make it in time. The elevator then took us to a lobby with a stairs leading down both ways into a grand lobby. We went out into the sun and walked to K's.

We went upstairs to his place. It was laid out slightly differently. Near the front door were two doors facing each other, K's room and a bathroom. I could hear J in there with K, patiently explaining the technological possibilties that could make K's vision for IU come true. I stood outside for a moment, I could hear the toilet leaking, and the area was dark. I walked towards the kitchen and living area, where C, Ka, M, R were sitting. I leaned against the kitchen counter and looked up. The roof had a hole in it, and it looked like there was some repair going on. There was a big chunk of bricks missing, bits of cement and rope hanging down from it. I had a distinct thought that K must be tired of all the constant repairs.

J and K walk out of the room and join all of us. K laid on the couch and started talking to all of us. After a few moments he complained of feeling tired and started coughing. It seemed that his attention was weakening.
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