Pashmina Lalchandani (pashmina) wrote,
Pashmina Lalchandani

It's snowing outside. We're suppose to get 16 inches by the end of tonight. RPI is still open, even though everything else is closed. It's so pretty... Amazingly beautiful to look at when you're warm and cozy on the other side of the glass. =) It's coming down harder now, the visibility is getting worse. I'm fascinated, I feel like an 8 year old kid. Inside I'm thinking: "Wow!" I am simply awestruck. A mass of white flakes, swirling, falling, following in the direction of the wind. Soon the ground will be covered, and the campus will be blanketed in clean whiteness that glimmers from the reflection of the moon at night. I wish when one tries to capture such things with their camera, one could also capture the emotions that go along with it. Innocent, clean, pure, quiet, soft, thick, serene, wet.

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