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something new will emerge

What a wonderful treat to see two new blogs from amusing and intelligent awareness!

Watch out C & M, you will possibly go through a phase where you live only for blogging. It's just as bad as a drug habit! ;) and I have a feeling it's already started, hasn't it? Consuming hours of the day, the desire to shift and define the black and white pixels on your screen; it can be as satisfying as traditional art expression. Coolmel's breakdown of the phases is an interesting read: One Year in the Rabbit Hole

I believe with all the blogs we have going on, something new is bound to emerge, not in the sense of content, but in terms of representation and process. Perhaps a blog editorial site, one that pulls the best entries daily or weekly? Perhaps a hypercommentary on all blogs? My felt sense is that there will be an element of discrimination that will tie all of these blogs into a bigger whole.

It's time, almost 4 years of autonomous silent blogging and I'm wanting more. There is something that will bring us talking heads together into some exciting new context.
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