Pashmina Lalchandani (pashmina) wrote,
Pashmina Lalchandani

wisdom teeth

I got my wisdom teeth pulled on Monday. Kinda scary but overall interesting....

The pain on Mon thru Thurs was nothing compared to the pain I was in before the surgery, of course I could be totally deluding myself since I have percoset. But seriously, those 2 weeks before surgery were excruciating and while the vicadin helped take away the pain, I have never felt crazier or more disorganized. In retrospect, I think that the vicadin was hurting more than it was helping.

The week of my "recuperation" has been amusing. Although all of Monday is pretty much one big blur, I had the weirdest motivations to do things after surgery. Don't ask me how I got home, I don't remember except that one minute Erin was staring at me in the chair and the next she was helping me stumble up stairs to my place. Then NJ and I go grocery shopping for soft foods. I must have looked like a crack addict, fitting into the Five Points area, cotton stuffed mouth and spitting up blood. NJ said it was hilarious. I left half my bags at the store. Then we tried to watch a movie off my laptop using the projector Mark so kindly lent me. That didn't work so I made Ray drive me to Circuit City to buy a DVD player. I don't remember much of Circuit either, except that I left my credit card there! But hey, I came back with the DVD player!

This projector is so cool. 48 inches of a movie on my wall. I think I've watched more than 15 movies this week as well as 7 episodes of Six Feet Under! I don't even want to leave my place!

Now it's Sunday and the pain is crazy. I feel like half of my face is sliding off. My ear and cheek hurts. I hope I don't have dry socket.

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