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A scourge far worse than AIDS
Thompson Ayodele This Day

Westerners must want "to keep Africa perpetually poor" said Thompson Ayodele in the Lagos This Day. That's the only possible explanation for the refusal to help get rid of malaria. The mosquito-borne plague kills more people on this continent than AIDS. It contributes to further deaths by weakening thousands, who then succumb to other illnesses. The economic cost to Africa is "colossal." It doesn't have to be that way. We know how to eradicate malaria: by killing mosquitoes with the chemical DDT. But the Western aid agencies "have caved in to pressure from environmental activists" who contend that DDT harms birds. They will only donate ineffective alternatives, such as expensive drugs and cumbersome netting, while thousands upon thousands of Africans die unnecessarily. How easy for Western countries to insist that Africa be chemical-free -- after all, Europe and America eradicated malaria through DDT decades ago. The rich environmental activists who have no qualms about sentencing Africans to death "have never had malaria, and do not know the effects of the disease on humans." Perhaps if they had lost two sisters and a child to the disease, like Ugandan activist Fiona Kobusingye, they might see things a bit differently. Are birds more important than our children?
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