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last night dream

There was a group of people, I think I was in a tour group or something. And we were standing outside black double doors. A guide told us it was the door to God. He said something about not entering because most people could not survive. But I went in.

I opened the door and i was in a corridor. The first floor was wack. I'd have to draw it to really explain it. I could go down a left or right corridor but both lead me back to exactly where I was. So it was like the room had 4 corridors. But 2 of them were exactly the same. The 2 side corridors kept leading to the same place. The one that was the same was where I entered from. The door behind me, a big black double door with brass hinges and knobs, and stairs leading up on the other wall.

I went up the stairs and on this floor there was no gravity in some places. I would walk and all of a sudden I would shoot up. And get stuck near the ceiling in a corner against the wall. I got scared. But I kept moving. At times I was speeding, slowing, floating up, dropping down. I kept going and then I came to another floor.

Here there were these vibrating machine like things and it attached to my head. Don't know how, hazy here... But I remember amazing music playing. And the machine vibrated along my skull and neck in sync with the music. The massage was amazing..

I got stuck on that floor and then I woke up.


Okay, now here it gets even weirder. I told a friend about the dream I had. And I said someone could actually make that machine into a product one day... And he says he's already heard crazy stories from reputable sources that something like that has been made. It's this thing called a "god box!"

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