Pashmina Lalchandani (pashmina) wrote,
Pashmina Lalchandani

no dreamless night

I was dreaming that I was getting some work done on my laptop. Something simple. Like open up Opera and check my mail. I carried my laptop to a new place because I wasn't getting any service in my room. As soon as my wireless card detected a network something went nuts.

The laptop started downloading everything it could off the network. The 8 GB hard drive filled up in less than a minute right in front my eyes and I couldn't do anything to stop it. And since the hard drive was so full there wasn't enough memory for any of the programs to function. I was stuck. The laptop wouldn't shut down, it wouldn't start up without struggling and I couldn't think of a way to erase all the garbage that was ruining my laptop.

I feel like the laptop in the dream represents my state of mind right now. Still drained of all energy and memory.
Tags: dreams

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