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I had a dream about super rats. Probably because I watched Bad Boys II last night. But that was the ending. Let me get back to the beginning.

It's getting blurry so I'll type what I remember fast. There is woman who is giving away her building to her friend, but her friend has evil purposes for it. The dream takes place in a city that looks like Hong Kong. I go and see the building. In the area, there are dogs, rusted metal parts and trash surrounding the abanondoned building. There are more cats and dogs inside and many, many rats.

Hmm. I'm a guy in the dream.

I am going to meet the woman but we end up playing phone tag. I get a voice mail from her boyfriend saying they were going to a pub to meet for drinks first. Something is off about his voice. It sounds very strained and breathy. Almost as if he's been crying. I play the message over 3 times but I can't quite place my finger on it. I get interrupted by the woman's friend. He and I start chatting. He can't wait to get his hands on the building. He laughs hysterically because the woman has no idea and he doesn't care.

Scene cuts to my colleague in the office playing a video game with Bullet Proof Monk characters. He programs a special move to cut the guy's head off. The graphics are very cool.

Scene cuts back. The guy is dead. I killed him. He attacked me and I killed him in self defense.

I meet the woman. She has no idea. I try to tell her but realize she would not understand any of it. So I keep it a secret. She gives the building to me. I go back to the building. I scream, rant and rave about attacking any living creature that is in the building if they do not leave. I feel like a samurai warrior. Dogs and cats come flooding out. The rats stay.

I see them. I go off on a diatribe about the rats. Tell them to leave immediately. Some of the scared ones leave. The rest stay. They are not going anywhere. Then take used coconut shells and burrow in them so it looks like they are a ball of half cocounut and half rat. Then their skin grows hard black spikes.

Dream ends.



Pashmina Lalchandani
this is pashmina