Pashmina Lalchandani (pashmina) wrote,
Pashmina Lalchandani

my room is freaking me out.
the dreams are back... what's new?

  • my iPhone is getting a Jo Lo hug!

    I can't believe it! I just got an email from Jo on Carsonified, letting me know I was picked to receive the Jo Lo hug. Apparently my plea for…

  • skinny jeans

    I feel weird making a post on fashion but this whole trend and reaction to skinny jeans has been bugging me. Skinny jeans are unnecessarily getting…

  • ten Bollywood movies to watch instead of Slumdog Millionaire

    About a year back Slumdog Millionaire came out to much fanfare and hype. I'd bristle every time someone told me they'd watched their first…

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