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the dream

It's Thanksgiving again and I'm at Ceci's place with her father. He is complaining about moving. He hates facing the river. He always said he would never move to a place like that. You never want to move to that side he tells me, everything over there is horrible and expensive. You don't get anything. Not even good coffee. He and I are driving to the new place. Her mom doesn't know they are moving, she would not like it either but is being brought there to meet us. As he drive the scenery get greyer and greyer, as if life was losing its color.

When we reach the new place everyone is there. Ceci tells me that her cousin is coming too. Someone with the a name that starts with"L" who works.... somewhere...books? I remember feeling happy, looking forward to talk to her. Ceci goes in first then I do and the rest followed. But to get in, you have to climb in through a very small half circle shamped opening in the wall, drag yourself through and jump down. As I climb in I realize I don't have my cellphone. Someone wants to helps me through, but I can do it on my own.

The apartment has no windows. I sit down in the small crowded living room. There is a door, but it's shut and doesn't look like it can open. Above it is an electronic text billboard, orange text zooming by every few seconds. In the dream I think it's one of those subway announcement boards, but now I'm not sure. There's a drab 3 foot tall Christmas tree set up under the door. Everyone on the room is focused on the TV. It's dark.

Cecil sits down next to an old man I don't recognize. Johanna and Betsy are there too now, and I am sitting between them. I comment to Johanna that I want to meet her mother while I'm in the city. Ceci is crying, then she starts sobbing and the old man who is crying too, hugs her. I recognize that kind of pain from before. Johanna asks who died? The old man says her aunt (so-and-so), can't remember, something starting with "A".

Dream ends.

Edited to add: I was listening to Glen Lewis and other similar music as I fell asleep lsat night. First dream I had was a movie template, meaning a story line meant to become a movie. Second time I don't know what I was dream, but I was biting my toungue really hard. Still sore. Third dream above.


Pashmina Lalchandani
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